LiteSPORT 5.0

Starting at €4,990 (excl. shipment)

This boat is our best-seller and the one that will make you want to row until the end of your life. Compact (5m), very stable, its glide is exceptional. Like all of our other boats, it’s equiped with fast mounting riggers. Its rear storage net allows you to carry your lifejacket our equipment easily. The LiteSport 5.0 is made for all, from beginners to experts, who are looking for an easy, light and versatile boat to row on the sea, rivers or lakes.

Made from high quality materials, this boat is extremely strong and still lightweight. Under the white gelcoat hides a high-performance composite material obtained via the vacuum infusion process, composed of glass, carbon, and a core whose technical characteristics are among the best.

  • Quick-release riggers
  • Flex-feet footstretchers
  • Adjustable height carbon seat
  • Rear storage net
Length | Longueur5m / 16.4ft
Beam | Largeur0,75m / 2.46ft
Weight | Poids*26kg / 57.3lbs
Max. load | Charge max130kg / 286lbs

(*) Weights of boats have been given as an indication. This is an estimate only and can not be considered as a legal