Designed with the aim of offering to the crews a high-performance and rock-solid coastal boat, the LiteRace 4X is the boat that will win the race. Fast and extremely maneuverable, this boat has everything to pass the buoys first. Designed by Sam Manuard, it will remain stable in all circumstances, and keeping the boat on course will be easily done by the cox. The LiteRace 4X is equipped with two self-bailers to evacuate water on board in case of bad weather, a storage net for lifejackets and wooden seats. The cox has an ergonomic carbon seat designed for maximum comfort. This boat meets FISA specifications for coastal rowing (used by USRowing for Beach Sprint Trials 2021 & 2022).

Construction: mixed glass and carbon. Comes with a rear carrying net.

  • Riggers, oarlocks & axles
  • Carbon seats
  • Active Tools shoes
  • Rear storage net | Self-bailers (2x)
  • Liftable rudder

Little parts are delivered in a bag

Length | Longueur10,70m / 35,10ft
Beam | Largeur1,31m / 4,3ft
Weight (FISA) | Poids (FISA)*130kg / 286.6lbs
Max. load | Charge max500kg / 1102lbs

(*) Weights of boats have been given as an indication. This is an estimate only and can not be considered as a legal